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Sonic Studio Amarra
This turntable didn't analyze separate aspects of sound but it rather
delivered the final, complete result at once.
NEM Ai-50 is a very special amplifier. With a short signal path comprising only 5 elements and a very robust power supply for the output transistors, this amplifier takes the less-is-more principle to heart.
 Well designed and solidly built, this hybrid zero feedback class AB integrated offers a sumptuous musical feast.
Der NEM AI-50 stellt mit seiner uneingeschränkt virtuosen, faszinierend farbstarken und musikalisch involvierenden Performance eine hochinteressante Alternative zu den etablierten Platzhirschen der Vollverstärker-Topliga dar.
"The sound was remarkably well-balanced tonally-wise, while coherency was spot-on."


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